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ZOOM Teeth Whitening Hastings-on-Hudson

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Do you desire a brighter smile?

If you choose to endure a Zoom procedure there is no need to deal with messy home kits. We can help you obtain a brighter and whiter smile in the course of one hour. The great thing is the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is performed in our office, thus taking all of the messiness out of the teeth whitening process.

How does the Zoom process work?

Typically, as people age, their teeth become discolored. Although this is a common problem for almost everyone, tooth whitening can provide people of all ages with beautiful, vibrant smiles. There are many factors that can cause your smile to discolor and not look as young and fresh as it used to. Chemicals and other agents in foods, drinks, cigarettes, and other tobacco products can discolor your teeth and make you self-conscious about your smile. Genetics can also contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Some people are just predisposed to having more yellowed teeth, or are more likely to suffer from tooth and gum disease.

The Zoom process is safe and gentle, it is amongst one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures on the market, and it can be completed in one hour!

If you want to experience a brighter, whiter smile then call us at Hastings-on-Hudson Dental Arts to schedule your appointment today!

How will the teeth whitening procedure take place?

Luckily, cosmetic dentists can provide you with tooth whitening that can whiten your teeth so that you have a smile that you can be proud of. The tooth whitening trays are placed over your teeth and worn overnight. In just a matter of days, you will begin to see the tooth whitening effects that professional at-home tooth whitening can provide. In-office teeth whitening with ZOOM  can be accomplished in just one short visit to the cosmetic dentistry office. Professional in-office tooth whitening is performed by applying a special tooth whitening peroxide gel, often referred to as bleaching, to the teeth and then using a high-intensity light, or laser to break up stains on the teeth. The result is a fast tooth whitening experience that will provide you with teeth that are 6 - 10 shades brighter. Sometimes, the stains on people's teeth cannot be improved, even with professional tooth whitening treatments. In these cases, porcelain veneers or tooth bonding can be used as tooth whitening options. After having tooth whitening performed, you may find yourself smiling even more because you are no longer self-conscious about the way your smile looks. Tooth whitening is safe and effective, and the results of tooth whitening can be seen long after the tooth whitening treatment is completed.

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